Cook County Property Tax Comparisons

The assessed value of a homeowner's land and buildings–not the market value–determines the amount of property tax owed each year.

However, due to quirks in Cook County's assessment process, the assessed value of a homeowner's land and buildings is sometimes significantly higher than the assessed values of similar properties in the same neighborhood. This higher value leads to higher property taxes for the homeowner.

To lower assessed values, homeowners can appeal their property assessment to the Cook County Board of Review. In 2014, over 300,000 property owners completed this appeals process.

An appeal has a higher chance of success if it lists "comparable properties" with similar characteristics but lower assessed values. While Cook County provides a tool for finding these comparable properties, its results are sometimes difficult to interpret.

Using open data from the Cook County data catalogue and the Cook County Assessor's Office, I built a tool for property owners in Hyde Park to see the assessed value of their land and buildings and comparable properties in their neigborhood. Check it out below!

Hyde Park Property Assessments