Joe Wlos at Aqua Building in Chicago Lines Showing the Curve of the Aqua Building in Chicago

Joe Wlos

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I'm a data nerd and news junkie, interested in the intersection of politics and technology, housing policy, and financial markets. I strive to investigate problems, discover their causes, and (when possible) communicate and implement their solutions.

I studied political science at Grinnell College in Iowa, and after graduating, I worked as a data analyst in Chicago and New York. Now, I am renovating a house in New Orleans and developing a new property tax solution for Cook County homeowners, Bungalow Taxes, which specializes in filing 'lack of uniformity' appeals.

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Property Tax Appeals

Bungalow Taxes | Spring 2023

In recent years, commercial property tax appeals in Cook County have grown more aggressive, shifting a substantial tax burden onto homeowners. Solomon Miller and I founded Bungalow Taxes to help Chicagoland residents reduce their bills and ensure a fairer tax system.

Our 2023 analysis indicated over half a million homeowners in Cook County may benefit from a 'lack of uniformity' appeal, which qualifying homeowners can complete in under five minutes on Bungalow Taxes' website.

Vaccine Hesitancy

INTRVL | Summer 2021

INTRVL's Vaccine Hesitancy Dashboard

To better understand the concerns of Americans who were hesitant or resistant to the COVID-19 vaccines, INTRVL surveyed thousands of Americans during Summer 2021.

With our partner, Up to Us, we developed a public dashboard, which helped our team more effectively target advertising for the COVID-19 vaccines and generated customizable infographics for social media. The dashboard was a finalist for the 2022 Reed Award for "Best Data Visualization."

Red Mirage

Hawkfish | Summer 2020

Animated Map of the Red Mirage in 2020

A record number of voters mailed their ballots in 2020. My team, led by Dr. Ellen Konar, estimated timelines for the counting of vote-by-mail ballots, assessed these timelines' partisan effects, and developed a communications strategy to forewarn delays on election night.

Our metaphor, the Red Mirage, was extensively featured in the press, mentioned over 200,000 times on Twitter – including tweets from 2,000 verified accounts – and won the Shorty Award for "Polls & Surveys."

Aqua is a skyscraper in my hometown, Chicago. Until 2020, it was the tallest building designed by a woman – Jeanne Gang. Lake Michigan's limestone outcroppings inspired Gang to curve each floor of the building, creating its undulating facade.

Aqua demonstrates creativity in problem solving, responsiveness in design, and appreciation for context, which is why I chose to feature it on this site.